Can save you money on LTL (Less Than Truckload) Shipping.

Because of our sheer volume, we get deep discounts; and in many cases, you can get LTL freight services through us for the same, or even less than you’d pay purchasing them direct from the carrier.

We give customers a single-point-of-contact for all their shipping needs, whether it’s across town or across the country.

Finding the right carrier can have a huge impact on your shipping costs.

You need an LTL carrier that covers the right geographical area and has the proper trailers and drivers to meet your needs. With our broad network of LTL carriers, we are in an excellent position to find a freight carrier to provide the right combination of service, quality and value.

We can help reduce freight adjustments down the road by helping you make sure the size, weight, dimensions, requested service, number of items and shipping address are all provided on the Bill of Lading correctly. We are glad to advise your staff on how to properly measure dimensions, pack properly and determine the freight class. The extra costs of freight adjustments amounts to more than just the adjustment itself. The extra time and trouble associated with auditing bills is significant and can bloat hidden administrative costs.

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