Private Truck Fleet

Sutton Trucking is a sister division of SSI Logistics. Both companies are headquartered in the same building, and the logistics staff of each has a close working relationship with each other. This special relationship gives SSI Logistics unique access to a fleet of more than 60 trucks, serving the entire country. The fleet includes flatbeds, conestoga trailers, pneumatic tankers and end-dumps.

Sutton Trucking pneumatic tankers can offer dependable on time delivery of bulk powders to any location. Our pneumatic tanks are equipped to handle any short, medium or long-haul, dry-bulk transportation requirements you may have. If your product requires transportation via pneumatic tank, we can provide the appropriate equipment to complete the job.

Sutton Trucking end-dumps are ready to haul all your general commodities including sand, fly ash, aggregate or other fill material as well as road salt. If your product requires transportation via end-dump, we can provide the appropriate equipment to complete the job.

Whether you only have one shipment to coordinate or consistent and ongoing shipments, Sutton Trucking flatbed trucks are reliable. We offer tarps and the proper tie downs for all loads so that it will be protected and ready for use at its destination. Sutton Trucking can also offer Conestoga trailers, which can be opened and closed easily by the operator. Loads are completely protected from the elements, and can be accessed from the front or back of the trailer.

Sutton Trucking has its own rail spur, which allows customers to send product to be trans-loaded for delivery or shipped out as needed.

Controlling LTL Freight Costs

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