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With our expert freight agents, private truck fleet, industry relationships, and over 20 years experience, we make sure that your cargo will not be left behind. We offer full truckload (FTL), less-than truckload (LTL), rail and expedited shipping to meet your transportation needs based on the weight and size of your cargo. For any cargo that does not fit the standards, be it due to size, weight or other challenges, our team is at your disposal.

We always handle your single shipments and your frequent deliveries with an equal amount of professionalism and commitment.

We aim to be your first choice in the United States for truckload, LTL, and rail shipping. Let us help you move businesses forward.

As our customer, you will benefit from our experienced agents, our industry connections, and our 20+ years of success.


Frequently asked questions

What is a freight broker?

A freight broker uses third-party companies to help vendors ship freight. Brokers in the freight industry are also referred to as 3PL or TPL (Third-Party Logistics). We act as a liaison between shippers and authorized freight carriers who may otherwise never connect. A freight brokerage also works with vendors capable of handling, processing, and storing freight. Freight brokers negotiate the terms of the order and arrange for pickup and delivery.

Why should my business use a freight brokerage like SSI Logistics?

Controlling the details of a supply chain requires personnel, technology, and experience. The expense associated with this effort may be substantial. By managing your company’s supply chain and tracking the movement of freight, we help you save money, streamline your supply chain, and ensure you are able to respond swiftly to customer demand.

What transportation services are available from SSI Logistics?

SSI Logistics provides ground transportation through dry van, flatbed or refrigerated freight services. Our broad network of local, regional and national carriers puts a world of resources at your fingertips. Whether you need flatbed, open-deck flatbed, refrigerated, or more specialized services, we can deliver. We can also arrange for freight transportation via rail, air, and intermodal.

Do you service my industry?

Yes. Our professional logistics team is proud to work with companies both large and small. We can provide you with scheduled service or a one-off shipment. Some of the companies we service include mechanical, construction, manufacturing, industrial, marketing, produce, food and beverage, etc.

What is the service area of your company?

We service the continental United States and Canada.

Will using SSI Logistics save my business money?

Absolutely. We are experts in the logistics industry, widely recognized as being capable of reliably handling any size job. We can transport your freight at a fair market price and remove the burden of supply chain logistics from your company’s personnel. We partner with you and maintain a relationship based on trust and communication – that also means we look for ways to save you money on your shipments.


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