SSI Logistics can help you get the best rate for your shipment.

SSI Logistics can help you get the best rate for your particular shipment. We have relationships with a large number of major and short line rail carriers, and are widely recognized as a reputable freight broker, so when we call – they listen. We even have our own rail spur, which ties directly to major rail lines to all points across the country.

Across town or across the country, we keep your business moving forward.

Rail Shipping

Shipping by rail can offer significant savings over other shipping methods…

But rates vary widely depending on the lane and which direction your freight is moving. Rates are determined by numerous factors including market conditions, the commodity you’re shipping (hazardous materials), and the volume you’re shipping in a particular lane.

It’s to your benefit to get intermodal services through SSI Logistics because of our relationship with the rail lines.

We understand their procedures, requirements, shipping timelines and freight documentation needs, so we can give you a competitive shipping rate and ensure the logistics are taken care of properly.

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